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The Athlete Playbook

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Performance & Mindset Group Coaching Program for Female Student-Athletes

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Athlete Testimonials

"The Athlete Playbook Program has been really helpful with the mental aspect of volleyball. I learned how to better manage emotions, such as stress and doubt, both on and off the court. Additionally, there was significant goal-setting support that broke down big goals into smaller, more manageable, portions to track growth over time."

‚Äď Manaia Ogbechie (USA Volleyball National Team Development Program Athlete)

"I loved my experience with The Athlete Playbook Program. I found the tactics and strategies very helpful and relatable to my struggles as a student-athlete. I learned something new every session, and my favorite part was getting to interact with athletes I know and hear that they, too, struggle just like me sometimes."

‚ÄstLogan Bell (USA Volleyball National Team Development Program Athlete)

Can you feel it?

That dream of yours, to stand tall as a collegiate athlete, is within your reach.

I understand that this journey involves rigorous preparation, and the anticipation of a new life chapter can feel overwhelming. 

Parents, I know you are equally as invested, hoping to provide the right support and guidance for your daughter’s dreams and aspirations to play at the next level.

You’re not alone.

The Athlete Playbook is specifically created to ease your concerns and replace anxiety with excitement for this journey. 

I’ve been there.

As an Olympic Athlete, I have been in your shoes, and I created this program to include my personal experience as a dual-sport professional athlete, and my insight from a career in high-performance coaching, to assist student-athletes and their parents in navigating these next few steps with confidence and success. 

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The Athlete Playbook: What To Expect

Multiple opt-in group coaching opportunities each week on a membership basis, designed for high-achieving student-athletes and their parents.


Realistic insights into what to expect and prepare for in making the transition to the next level as a collegiate athlete.

How the recruiting process works and what to expect. Recruiting timeline and deadlines. Tips on navigating the recruiting process.

Mindset training and coaching on goal setting, so each student-athlete is set up for success at the next level.

Techniques for achieving peak performance for academic and athletic success. 

Leadership coaching to prepare student-athletes to lead at the next level and beyond.

Stories of inspiration from Olympic and National Team athletes during live Q&A sessions.


Option to purchase 1:1 coaching sessions at membership pricing ($149/session), which is 65% off of regular pricing ($333/session).


Exclusive access to assessments and exercises to help each student-athlete identify their values, track and set goals, manage time and crush life!


Parents can attend all Tuesday Meet & Greet sessions with current and retired Olympians and National Team Members/Staff, as well as occasional recruiting informational sessions.

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Program Launch Date:

August 15, 2024


Session Schedule (all times CST):

Sunday 4-4:45pm & 5-5:45pm: Open Group Coaching Session
Tuesday 5-5:45pm: Athlete Meet & Greet (1st and 3rd Weeks of the Month), Coaching on Topic (2nd Week of the Month), Ask an Expert (4th Week of the Month)
Wednesday 4-4:45pm & 5-5:45pm: Open Group Coaching Session

* Schedule is subject to change Please check the schedule sent out on a weekly basis.



Session Types Include:

Open Group Coaching Sessions:

These sessions will be opt-in group sessions limited to 6 student-athletes per session. Student-athletes are able to come to these sessions with questions about situations they have encountered in sport or in life to receive 1:1 coaching in a group setting.



Athlete Meet & Greet:

These sessions will be hosted by Erin Aldrich-Shean or another coach and will be Q&A style. Athlete guests will be either retired or current Olympians or USA National Team athletes. Student-athletes and parents are welcome to submit questions beforehand or in the chat to be answered by our guests.


Coaching on Topic:

In these sessions, Erin Aldrich-Shean or another guest coach will facilitate a masterclass or webinar on a specific topic as it relates to sports performance, mindset, goal setting, time management, leadership or other topics that are relevant to the success of student-athletes.


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A Message From Ascension Coaching Founder,
Erin Aldrich-Shean

Olympic Athlete & High Performance Coach

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited for this journey you are about to begin. Whether you are reading this as the student-athlete or the parent, I am here to help guide you through this process.

As a former dual-sport professional athlete and Olympian, I have experienced firsthand the thrill, the dedication, and indeed, the overwhelming aspects of transitioning into the next level of sports. It’s a complex process filled with a million steps, lofty expectations, and huge life changes. But, perhaps most importantly, I understand the critical importance of maintaining a positive mental state and having realistic expectations throughout this journey.



I know how easy it is to feel daunted by the magnitude of this transition and to question if you’re on the right path. But, I also know that with the right support, guidance and tools, this journey can be AMAZING!

The Volleyball Athlete Playbook is more than a coaching program - it’s a lifeline, a support network, and a library of resources and strategies designed to keep you mentally strong, focused, and positively engaged throughout the process. 

I believe in the power of a positive mindset and resilience in the face of challenges.

Let’s get you to the next level.

Are you ready?




Are You Ready To Level Up?

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**Please check your junk mail for payment confirmation after making payment.